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The Come ‘n’ Play Cafe Rules of Play.

The Come ‘n’ Play team supervise the play equipment, clean and maintain the toys and help maximise your child enjoyment, please remember they are NOT there to supervise your children. Parents/guardians should note that whilst every consideration has been given for the safety of children using the play centre, Come ‘n’ Play Cafe cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of children playing on the equipment.


* Parents/guardians are responsible for their behaviour and well-being of the child in their care and must maintain supervision at all times

* Fighting or bullying will not be tolerated. Guilty parties may be asked to leave 

* Children should use the toilet and wash their hands before entering the play area 

* Nappy changing and the use of potties should be conducted in the toilet area situated to the back of the cafe. Please place nappies in the correct bins provided 

* No food, drink or chewing gum is allowed on the play equipment 

* Only food and drink purchased on site from the Come ‘n’ Play Cafe may be consumed during your play session or party 

* No glassware allowed on the play equipment 

* Socks must be always worn – if a parent has to enter to save their child from having too much fun, they must wear socks

* Remove jewellery, badges and other sharp objects 

* Children who are unwell should refrain from play 

* No liability will be accepted for loss, damage or theft of items 

* Items left alone are done so at your own risk 

* Play is restricted to 2 hours 

* Abuse or rudeness towards any member of our staff will not be accepted and you will be asked to leave the premises 

* At closing time, you will be asked to leave promptly to allow our team to clean and secure the area
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